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Case-Making 101: Bible study, How do I begin?

Food For Thought: Food for our physical bodies vs. food for our spiritual bodies—are there similarities? We feed our bodies daily, in fact studies suggest that eating six small meals a day might be the healthiest way to maintain blood sugar levels and proper weight. If we compare that to the way we feed our… Continue Reading

Case-Making 101: Human Evolution or Creation?

Human Evolution or Creation – Whose image do we bear? With the advent of Darwin’s Theory of evolution humankind was given another critical choice: Trust God’s Word or believe in a human construct. Here are two versions of life, which one do you trust? “Thus, from the war of nature, from famine and death, the… Continue Reading

Case-Making 101: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

Should Intelligent Design be taught alongside Evolution? Over the last several posts we have presented evidence against Darwinian evolution as the answer for the origin of life and all that we see in and around us. Even Neo-Darwinian theories fall flat when held up against the available evidence for the Intelligent Design Model. Intelligent Design… Continue Reading

Case-Making 101: 12 things Darwinian evolution can’t answer but Intelligent Design can

Over the last several posts we have put together a pretty good cumulative case against Darwinian evolution as a means for the origin of life. We looked at who Charles Darwin was and some of the false assumptions he made concerning adaptation within species. Even though all of the icons of evolution have been debunked,… Continue Reading

Case-Making 101: Is Darwinian evolution’s answer to the origin of life based on blind faith?

I have heard it said that many intelligent people believe in evolution as a means for the origin of life because other intelligent people believe in evolution as a means for the origin of life. Is this intelligence or blind faith? I’m glad that many of us unintelligent types are questioning the lack of evidence… Continue Reading

Case-Making 101: Creation or Evolution?

“In grammar school they taught me that a frog turning into a prince was a fairy tale. In the university they taught me that a frog turning into a prince was a fact!”  – Ron Carlson, Professor and Author, U.C. Irvine As I began to investigate the claims of Christianity I wanted to find a… Continue Reading

Case-Making 101: A Case for God’s Existence – The Teleological Argument

I was showing an educational video on Anatomy to my high school students and I heard the Narrator say [concerning the mechanics of the human hand] “This is evolution’s grandest design.”  What took me aback was not only the assumed fact that our hands had evolved but the Narrator’s belief that evolution had the ability to… Continue Reading